Kifissia was named after the Kifissos River and is of prehistoric origin since it was one of the 12 ancient cities of Attica.  It is an area beset with pines and located between Mount Penteli and Parnitha.

Kifissia is the so-called “capital” of the northern suburbs with towering turrets and former luxury hotels which, to date, are housing offices of the public sector and have either been sold or are mainly used as business premises. It has countless, beautiful houses of unique architecture with adequate layouts, several luxury stores, the popular commercial market around the Platanou Square, numerous choices for going out, including timeless hangouts and the well known Alsos forest.  It is, undoubtedly, one of the most picturesque areas of Attica.

Due to the healthy climate, exquisite environment, abundant waters and the relatively short distance from Athens, it has been a privileged location since antiquity for the rich and noble. During the 19th century up to the beginning of the 20th century, a lot of Athenians chose this specific region for their weekend houses.

The area offers one of the best cycling networks in Athens, the opportunity for extended walks throughout the entire district, and the commercial center has many scenic walkways.

The city centre lies in the heart of the municipality presenting an ample and opulent market and is surrounded by peaceful residential areas, namely, Nea Kifissia, Kato Kifissia, Politeia, Kokkinaras, Strofyli and the familiar Kefalari. Kifissia can be accessed by either the National Highway or from Kifissias Avenue.

Particularity: An area that combines the countryside to the city. Luxury stores situated next to beautiful homes with gardens, picturesque walkways and the opportunity for bike rides. The identified cool climate makes the residents feel they live outside the city. In Kifissia one can make an indicative “architectural stroll” to admire the impressive buildings of the vicinity, passing through the streets of Rangavi, Pesmatzoglou, Emmanuel Benakis and Panagi Tsaldari, which are full of turrets and old, traditional residencies or the neoclassical buildings set in a vastly green environment. 

Nature: In general, it is a very “green” area. Apart from the Alsos forest in the center, one can simply walk around and find small groves, parks and nice piney neighborhoods.

Transportation: The focal point to reach Kifissia with public transportation is the famous train terminal ISAP but there are also numerous bus lines coming from all around Attica.

Market: The commercial market covers all requirements. From simple, daily essentials for every household up to attire, shoes, various exclusive objects, books, games and anything else you can ask for. Many prominent designers have their stores in the center of the shopping area.  You will also find stylish hairdressers, gyms and spas and a number of large, recognized supermarkets.

Average property purchase and rental rates: Certainly Kifissia is not considered a “low price” area. The land is sold expensively and this, coupled with the building restrictions, makes it a rather under populated area. Property sale prices range from EUROS 1,200 up to EUROS 2,000-16,000 per square meter and for rent the prices are calculated between EUROS 4.00 to EUROS 30.00 per square meter.

Culture/entertainment: Famous for its fine dining restaurants, chic cafés, luxurious clothing stores, particular shops for purchasing out of the ordinary cooking materials, the youthful and trendy bars or the distinguished bar-restaurants. This extremely lively area with its shopping area and elaborate walkways offers exceptional choices for fun and entertainment with quality dining, unique bars, galleries, cinemas and escape rooms. 

Spots: The Alsos Kifissia forest, Platanou Square, the imminent Plaka of Kifissia to be found on the hill of Agios Dimitrios with petite shops, modest restaurants and bars, somewhat reminding one of the traditional Plaka district in the heart of Athens. The Villa Kazouli which is a blend of neoclassicism and renaissance architecture and to date hosts the National Environmental and Sustainable Development Center, as well as the residence of the famous writer Penelope Delta, which hosts the Department of Historical Archives of the Benaki Museum, the Villa Atlantis of Architect Ernst Ziller and of course the famous Goulandris Museum of Natural History.