Paleo Psychiko – Filothei

Psychiko and Filothei are two of the oldest, structured suburbs of Athens and were built in the beginning of the 20th century. They are considered to be the first examples of private city planning of the country. Psychiko was firstly built and has a more conservative option, whereas Filothei, which was built some 20 years later, has aspects that are more modern. It was the time when green suburbs constituted an urban tendency. The models that were used in this respect were the traditional English gardens. This choice, in combination with the high-income level of their residents and the strict urban restrictions, has maintained the initial character of these two regions.

Their main characteristics are low numbers of population and green areas full of trees and squares, an oasis in comparison to the cementitious basin of Attica.  It is surely a unique region. Firstly, any professional activity is prohibited throughout, making these areas solely residential with a low layout building factor. The main particularity is that the location is very near to the center of Athens, but also situated in the northern suburbs, which are full of trees, squares, parks, children playgrounds, athletic spaces and many promenades to enjoy long walks, thus considered one of the few mainly residential areas. It has a high safety factor and attracts residents who love the tranquility and the opportunity to enjoy nature, but at the same time, are close to the city.

Some of the best and renowned private schools of Greece are located in Psychiko, namely, Arsakeio of Psychiko and the Athens College of Psychiko and the area also accommodates many embassies. 

Nature: The Psychiko Grove, the Stream of Filothei

Transportation: Regular connections to the entire city, public buses that make multiple stops on Kifissias Avenue.  The closest metro stations are Katechaki and Panormou.

Market: Psychiko and Filothei do not have their own market places as such, but you will find small grocery stores, mini markets, the so called “periptera” on the squares, bakeries and small merchant stores that cover the widest range of needs and desires.  The closest bigger market places are to be found in Neo Psychiko and Halandri with big supermarkets, shops etc.

Average property purchase and rental rates: In general, these two areas are on the high side. For property purchase, prices depend on the street were the property and/or building is located, and vary from EUROS 1,500 to EUROS 5,000 per square meter and for rent EUROS 8.00 to EUROS 30.00 per square meter.

Culture/Entertainment: Open air cinema in Filothei, some cafes and coffee shops in both, Psychiko and Filothei and a few restaurants. A bigger variety is found in Neo Psychiko and Halandri.

Spots: The Throne of Jupiter Zeus on the Hill of Filothei, the Remnants of the Roman Aqueduct in Filothei, the Zoggolopoulos Glyptoyheque, the Pikionis Playground, the Aghia Filothei Crypt, the Kastritsios Museum, the Old Market and the Tourkovounia area.